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vari-phi® : Mechanical Speed Variators


PTP INDUSTRY offer a range of powerful variation speed drives based on the use of pulleys with variable diameter and a wide belt. 

Distance between pulley centres is fixed. Each pulley consists of two cone-faced flanges, one fixed and the other sliding. 

The driving pulley is keyed to the motor shaft, the sliding flange being mechanically actuated. The driven pulley is keyed to the variable speed shaft (machine shaft) with the sliding flange spring-loaded for automatic flange movement and belt tensioning. The two sliding flanges are placed on opposite sides to ensure permanent belt alignment.

Note : Where necessary, driving and driven pulleys can be mounted on vertical or through shafts.

The exceptional performances of the Vari-phi result from the PTP INDUSTRY know-how. PTP INDUSTRY have been able to jointly undertake the study of the belt and mechanics, and to carry out a perfect adaptation of the one to the other. Wide V-Belts as per CSE standard is designed especially to fulfill the technical requirements of the Vari-phi® variators. Its superior performance is the result of notable advances in belt technology..

Vari-phi® variators are available in 3 series: 

  • Series L for low to medium power (0.18 to 18.5 kW) with variable Centre distances
  • Series A for low to medium powers (0.18 to 5.5 kW) with Fixed Centre distances
  • Series B for medium to high powers (3 to 75 kW) with Fixed Centre distances

Vari-phi® also equip our fully enclosed variator Varisit that provide All-In-One solution to fit between an IEC motor and a gear unit or another driven equipment.


  • High efficiency drives
  • Constant torque outputs

Features | Benefits

  • Up to 7 speed ranges avaialble => Optimized efficiency according to your needs
  • Driven pulleys designed to reduced overhung => Increased lifetime on driven equipmment
  • Various Speed contrrol types => Adapts to your needs
  • Metal plated sliding surfaces => Reduced risk of seizure due to Fretting corrosion
  • Use ISO Wide V-Belts => Easy replacement


  • Variable Centre distance type L
  • Version for low powers type A
  • Version for high powers type B
  • Fully enclosed IP44 Units Varisit


Download vari-phi® A Flyer
Size : 869.8 kB | Date : 07-19-2012

Download vari-phi® B Flyer
Size : 1.6 MB | Date : 07-19-2012

Download vari-phi® L Flyer
Size : 765.5 kB | Date : 07-19-2012

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