Se connecter

Hydro-flow : HP executions

A PENCOflex female half is adapted on these versions to receive the standard PENCOflex male half.

Hydroflow hp PTP Industry


  • Motor power up to 1300 kW
  • High stiffness of output coupling
  • Optional thermal protection devices
  • ATEX certifiable for zone 2 (EEX II 3G T4), zone 22 (EEX II 3D 120°C)


  • Basic version HP
  • Version with Disc Brake type HPD
  • Version with Drum Brake type HPB
  • Execution with delay chamber HP.R

Features | Benefits

  • Hydrodynamic Coupling => Smoothens the start of high inertias
  • Fluid connection => Protects equipments against oveloads
  • Delay Chambers available => Reduces electrical demand at start

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