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Re-Start of our activites from Tuesday April 7th, 2020


Further to many exchanges with our customers involved in essential economic sectors, we made the decision to restart our factory in order to assist them in their efforts.This restart will, of course, happen within a safe and healthy context for allour employees.

Therefore,we advise you that all our activities covering foundry, machining, power transmission as well as the maintenance and repair of gearboxes will be restarting from this Tuesday April 7th, 2020.

Difficulties will, for sure, remain. So, we invite you to let us know your priorities and emergencies in order to take these into account and handle them at best within the harsh context we are all facing.

We highlight that we will do our best to ensure the best possible availability of our Power Transmission product ranges exclusively made in our Raon L’Etape factory including, among others,

  • Elastic Couplings TEX-O-flex, PENCOflex, ECOflex & SR-flex.
  • V-belt pulleys with removable bushes Magic-Grip-T®.

All these products can be delivered with bores finished as per your needs in order to make their purchase easy for you. You will find additional information on page

We also underline that we can assist you in casting and manufacturing in our French Factory your specific Cast-Iron parts and then avoid temporary shortages in their supply you may have to face with your usual suppliers

PTP INDUSTRY suspend its activities / Corona virus


Further to our government instructions and as a precautionary measure, I have decided to completely suspend the activity of the company from 19/03/2020 until further notice.
In the meantime, all PTP INDUSTRY employees will be placed on temporary unemployment.
Information will be provided by our department heads to handle at best emergency issues that may arise:
    • HR and QSE : Lucie Bigel
    • Purchases : Evelyne Chenal
    • Commercial : Didier Desabres
    • Sales and Logistics Administration : Josette Borres
    • Operational Management : Jean-Michel Denis
As soon as a re-start is considered, you will be immediately informed.
I wish you the cheeriest solidarity to face this historic situation and invite you to take care of yourself during this period.

Pierre Becker - President - PTP INDUSTRY

Investments for PTP INDUSTRY

After a first investment tranche of 500K€ over 2015, PTP Industry will dedicate near 600K€ this year to continue modernizing its production tool to serve better his customers: machine-tool, system of process control for the foundry, lifting, electromagnet in the loading dock of the materials, the repair of the areas of casting, …

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PTP INDUSTRY : more than a foundry

PTP Engineering - Foundry - Machining : PTP INDUSTRY offers on its Raon l'Etape site customized solutions for iron foundry machined parts in small series, unit, prototype, 3D molding for the manufacture and repair of machinery and equipment for direct integration to manufacturing chains and repair shops.

PTP Transmission : PTP INDUSTRY offers a complete range of high quality transmission products including couplings, pulleys, gears, hubs, bushings, belts, pads, brake discs, ... to ensure the robustness of the portions connecting the motor assemblies machine in any environment (ATEX…).

PTP Solutions Maintenance Gearboxes : Relying on its expertise manufacturer, under the names of Texrope SIT, SIT-Hansen, Brook Hansen, Rexnord, PTP INDUSTRY offers :

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