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PTP Transmission Products : Ensuring the robustness of your installations

PTP INDUSTRY Transmission

Designer and manufacturer of couplings, pulleys, gearboxes, the FLOTAX® and Hydro-flow range, PTP INDUSTRY offers a complete range of high quality transmission products including couplings, pulleys, gears, hubs, bushings, belts, pads, brake discs, ... to ensure the robustness of the portions connecting the motor assemblies machine in any environment (ATEX…).

Non standard dimensions on demand. Various Material. Customized Design

Ecoflex PTP Industry SR-flex PTP Industry PENCOflex PTP Industry FLOTAX PTP Industry Série T PTP Industry PTP Industry Gear Units
Hydro-flow PTP Industry TEX-O-flex PTP Industry Hateco PTP Industry Poulie MGT PTP Industry Vari-phi PTP Industry


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