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Hateco gear coupling


The HATECO gear coupling is a flexible, non-elastic coupling. The applied torque is transmitted from one hub to the other via a connecting sleeve. The teeth on the hubs and sleeve have been precision-machined on high-performance machines.

The clearance between the teeth is reduced as much as possible, while providing the required coupling flexibility. With the severe machining tolerances, compression is distributed evenly over the whole toothing.

The HATECO coupling is lubricated with grease. The space between the two hubs forms a grease chamber. When the coupling is running, the centrifugal force pushes the grease 

automatically between the teeth.

Arrangement TJ : with sheet metal cover

The arrangement TJ is available in 4 sizes, for torques of 200 to 2000 Nm. It includes two external-toothing hubs, an internal toothing sleeve, two sealing rings, two sheet metal covers, assembly bolts and an O-ring.

Arrangement TA : with continuous sleeve

The arrangement TA is available in 13 sizes, for torques of 540 to 174 000 Nm, and 2 types, depending on the size.

  • Up to size 100, the type includes two external-toothing hubs, an internaltoothing sleeve, two synthetic rubber sealing rings specially designed for full tightness, even at high temperatures (up to +120 °C), two circlips which prevent the sleeve from moving crosswise.
  • From size 110, the type includes two external-toothing hubs, an internaltoothing sleeve, two covers secured to the sleeve by two screws. Each cover is fitted with an O-ring and precludes any crosswise motion of the hubs. Oil paper gaskets are provided for full tightness between the covers and the sleeve.

Arrangement TF : with flanged sleeve

The arrangement TF (with a flanged sleeve) is available in 21 sizes, for torques of 850 to 1,290,000 Nm. For larger size, consult us. It includes two external-toothing hubs, two internal-toothing half-sleeves, an oil paper flange gasket, corrosion-proof assembly bolts, and two O-rings. The TF hubs may be assembled in order to allow different gaps between the shaft ends.

For these three types, hubs and sleeves are made of high performance forged steel.

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