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FLOTAX® : Our shaft mounted gearbox


FLOTAX® shaft-mounted gear-units are designed to make your life easier : they are to be fitted directly onto the machine shaft!

They can include the complete drive (motor, V-Belt drive, protection hoods, ...) and can be equipped with various options (Backstops, Dust-proff breathers, ...)

They can be used in, virtually, any position.

The can be ATEX II 2G T4 or ATEX II 2D 120°C certified.


  • Output rtorques from 450 to 7650 Nm
  • Two ratios per size
  • GCase-Hardened gearing
  • Taper roller bearing on High Speed an Intermediate shafts
  • Double-lipped Oil Seals

Features | Benefits

  • Compactness=> Easily integrated on the machine
  • Helical gears => Silent
  • Case-Hardened gearing (CTR) => long lifetime
  • Taper roller bearing on High speed shaft => Dedicated to withstand tension of Input V-Belt drive


  • Backstop
  • Adjustable motorbase
  • Intermediate sleeves to reduce hollow shaft bore
  • Second torque arm (bi-directional use)
  • ATEX II 2G T4 or ATEX II 2 D 120°C certification

Designed to last


Space-saving due to direct mounting on the driven machine shaft.

Cost-saving as the use of couplings (and alignment) are eliminated and no foundations are required.

Practical due to the easy adjustment of the V-belt tension by means of the torque arm.


Helical gears: as carburised, hardened and ground. 


- for gear unit types FC 116 to FC 324 : one-piece housing in special aluminium-alloy, 

- for gear unit types FC 414 to FC 822 : grey pearlitic cast iron. 

The housings are designed for optimal strength, stiffness and oil tightness.

Shafts and Bearings are adequately proportioned to allow overhung loads generated by the V-belt drive. 

Lubrication of gears by splash from the oil bath. The bearings are greased for life. 

Sealing ensured by double lip oil seals, running on plunge-ground surface.

Comprehensive range of torques and output speeds

8 gear-unit szes from 450 Nm to 7650 Nm. 

Output speeds from 12,5 to 125 min-1 with 4-pole motor (50 Hz). 

Wide range of V-belt drives.

Broad variety of options

  • Backstop
  • Adjustable motor base.
  • Extra torque-arm.
  • Intermediate sleeves (for some sizes).

Shipping conditions

Oil: Gear units are shipped without oil unless otherwise stated. 

Painting: synthetic enamel, resistant to industrial atmospheres and temperatures up to 110 °C (except units size 100 to 300 having aluminium housings).

Protection: haft extensions are either greased and protected with waxed waterproof paper or an anticorrosive varnish. Inner components are sprayed with storage oil. 

Shipment: unpacked, unless otherwise specified.


Download FLOTAX flyer
Size : 1.1 MB | Date : 09-21-2015

Download the Installation Manual
Size : 1.6 MB | Date : 09-21-2015

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