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Magic-Grip-T® pulley with removable bushing

Poulie MGT PTP Industry

The unique design of the Magic-Grip-T® bushes is the principal asset of this pulley.

Features | Benefits

  • 1/12 taper on bush
  •  => Strong clamping of bush onto shaft
  •  => Higher transmittable torque even without key
  • First groove is flush to bush end => Easier alignment and quicker maintenance
  • Bores are tolerance M8 acc. To ISO 286-1
  •  => Bush are naturally locked onto shaft
  • Screw do not transmit torque
  •  => Easier maintenance and replacement
  • Metric hardware
  •  => Easier replacement


  • SPB & SPC sections available up to pitch Ø 1600mm 
  • SPZ & SPA Sections available on order

Fitting the pulley on shaft:

MGT Montage PTP Industry

The Magic-Grip T® system enables the light easy-to-handle bush to be fitted first in proper axial position on the shaft to ensure alignement of both driving and driven bushes. The self-clamping effect of bore tolerance M8 is very helpful as it locks bush onto shaft when you release the screwdriver needed to "open" the bush.

The pulley is then positioned by centring on bush taper. The prime advantage specific to the Magic-Grip T® system lies in the direction of the taper. as the large diameter of the taper hole is to fit on the small diameter of the taper bush. MGT Montage PTP Industry





MGT Montage PTP Industry

The last step is to tighten the screws to required torque that is noticeably low.

Alignement of drive is ensured by the alignement of bushes at step 1 as ALL Magic-Grip-T® has its first groove flush to its bush end.

For removal:

The direction of the taper enables the pulley to be disassembled first without having to loosen bush from shaft. 

Then the bush is just pulled off in a simple operation, even with the unavoidable fretting corrosion and the frequent environmental soiling and oxidation of the shaft. The Magic-Grip T® bush is currently the only device allowing proper assembly/disassembly without impairing the system, thus making for substantial time-savings.

Maximized locking on shaft

As the bush is mounted without the pulley (the split being enlarged with a screwdriver), a tight bush-to-shaft fit is possible. The screw tightening torque is thus entirely available for the bush locking operation rather than for prior closing or split bush around the shaft. Even distribution of axial force around all screw threads ensures optimum torque efficiency when fitting and removing the bush. 

The perfect angular symmetry of the pulley securing holes and their position in relation of the split and the keyway provide the best possible distribution of strains and stresses in the bush. 

Bush-to-shaft fit is so tight that a key need not to be used.

Easy alignement of pulleys

On the machine side, rim and bush are always flush, thus facilitating proper alignment of pulleys.

Easy disassembly of pulleys

MGT Montage PTP Industry

As screw threads are not subjected to shearing load, they cannot be overstressed by the torque transmitted. 

The screws are thus easily unscrewed from securing holes and re-screwed into disassembly holes. (the two symmetrical tapped holes allow the two screws to be used for pulley disassembly). They are standardized in the metric system thus avoiding replacement problems if misplaced.

Advantages of Magic-Grip-T® Pulleys

The shape of Magic-Grip-T® pulleys is designed to provide efficient, fail-safe service and accommodates highest performance belting.

  • The cast iron produced in our in-house foundry has received the seal of approval of the Federation of French Foundries.
  • Machining of the pulleys essential for promoting long belt lifetime is performed with the greatest precision. Tolerance compliance and surface finish of grooves ensure an even distribution of load and minimum belt wear.
  • Grooves profile meets International Standard ISO 4183.
  • Pulleys grooves will accommodate both narrow and conventional section belting.


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