Se connecter

Hydro-flow : HE executions

A SR-flex® (HE) flanged is adapted onto the coupling and allows trorque transmission through an elastic element that withstands important misalignement. 

Replacement of rubber sleeves can be made without moving connected equipments.

Hydroflow HE PTP Industry


  • Motor powers up to 600 kW
  • High flexibility of the output coupling
  • Misalignement capabilities
  • ATEX II 2G T4 or ATEX II 2D 120°C certifiable
  • Optional thermal protection devices


  • Basic version with removable center part type HE
  • Version with Disc Brake type HED
  • Version with Drum Brake type HEB
  • Executions with delay chamber HE.R

Features | Benefits

  • Hydrodynamic Coupling => Smoothens the start of high inertias
  • Fluid connection => Protects equipments against oveloads
  • Delay Chambers available => Reduces electrical demand at start
  • Removable Centre parts  => Easier maintenance

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