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Magic-Grip : Toughly brought up

Magic-Grip Pulley PTP Industry

Magic-Grip pulleys are made for applications with high torques and violent shocks.

Their Low tapered bush ensure a tightful clamping of Pulley on its shaft. It can be made from Cast Iron or Steel with 2 or 6 fixing holes for even harsher applications.

Features | Benefits

  • 1/12 taper on bush => Strong clamping of bush onto shaft => Higher transmittable torque even without key
  • First groove is flush to bush end => Easier alignment and quicker maintenance
  • Bores are tolerance M8 acc. To ISO 286-1 => Bush are naturally locked onto shaft
  • Screw do not transmit torque => Easier maintenance and replacement 
  • Metric hardware => Easier replacement


  • D & SPC sections available up to pitch Ø 1600mm


  • Standard Version with Cast Iron hub with 2 screws MGH
  • Version Cast Iron hub with 6 bolt type MGD
  • Version Steel hub with 6 bolt type MGK’


Download Magic-Grip Flyer
Size : 6.1 MB | Date : 10-12-2011

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